What it feels like to be in CCSC at the start of the semester

What it feels like to be in CCSC at the start of the semester

CCSC is back, and so is Bwog’s coverage of it. We sent someone to report on this magical mystery: Maren Killackey. Here’s her account:

After a slight mixup with the Georgian Students Association (yeah, it exists) regarding whose turn it was to use the Satow room (cue typical-Columbia-with-its-space-issues eyeroll/politically incorrect and unfunny joke about South Ossetia), CCSC members gathered together for the first time this semester for its bi-annual discussion of existential things that don’t matter… well, at least not yet.

To sum things up:

  • There was the usual speech about improving communication and streamlining information member-to-member and council-to-student body.
  • CCSC President Karishma Habbu emphasized that this semester, the council needed to focus on “seeing things through” and being mindful of their roles as student leaders.
  • There’ll be no more of that talking in circles business.
  • Blah blah blah wellness.

To be fair, although council members basically rehashed warm and fuzzy notions tossed around last semester, they did bring to the table some projects that would, should they be realized, bring light and happiness to every Columbian’s [student] life. Here’s what’s in the works:

  • The Communications team is still working on perhaps the most appropriately named initiative ever: WTF Columbia. Also know as What to Fix Columbia, this online platform will allow students to submit constructive criticism – in addition to the inevitable curmudgeonly gripes – about Columbia-related problems so that council members might ameliorate them.
  • Apart from more bagels-in-residence halls events and the Columbia Music Festival, the Campus Life Committee is planning a hackathon called CU Apps, that’ll be held between hackNY and ADI’s DevFest. The apps created during this fest will all ideally benefit Columbia students’ lives in some capacity.
  • In the further interest of student wellness: Class of 2013ers, get ready to partay!! According to 2013 Prez Ryan Mandelbaum, this semester’s agenda is all about YOLO-ing and beer… and choosing a speaker for graduation.
  • The Class of 2015 Council has a bunch of practical stuff planned (working on an alumni mentorship program, hosting internship showcases), but who cares: party with Barnard and SEAS @ Hudson Terrace, April 4!
  • In light of the grand Columbia tradition of collecting a bunch of people to navel gaze an issue away, the Class of 2016 is planning to host a “panel on stress.” They’re also working with Academic Affairs Rep. Steven Castellano on allowing first years to take more P/D/F classes.

 And now for something completely different: Curious about what you’re council members were up to over winter break? Here are some of their favorite moments:

  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Watching seasons of “Homeland”
  • Finishing law school applications

Oh, yeah, and:

  • Hanging out with geishas
  • Running marathons on beaches
  • Parasailing
  • Faking hospitalization to get a first-class plane ticket #dowhatchagottado
  • “Just backpacking across southeast Asia.” NBD.

Finally, be sure to check out all the stuff CCSC did last semester here.

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