Nature’s delicious bounty awaits!

A new semester means more chances for you to go to Columbia’s delicious greenmarket! Go buy yourself some yummy, farm-fresh food and take a break from the massive amounts of reading you already have piling up.  As always, the greenmarket is open year-round on Sundays and Thursdays and accepts credit, debit, and EBT.

There is food scrap collection for compost every Sunday, from 8am to 1pm, and textile recycling every Sunday from 8am to 3pm.

Here are the highlights for today:

  • Sign up for our Refer-A-Friend program and help us grow the market and be eligible to win prizes! Stop by the information tent to pick up referral cards for your friends, neighbors, colleagues and roommates. They’ll receive a cup of tasty, hot apple cider when they bring your referral card to the market, and you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card!

  • Ronnybrook Dairy will be returning to the market! Last week they were absent because the milk bottles crack when it is too cold…we’re happy it won’t be below freezing this week and welcome their return! Also, Buon Pane will return with their delicious flatbreads, perfect to pop and the oven and cut into bite size pieces for a no fuss Superbowl appetizer.
  • For the cooking demo, we’ll whip up an easy Superbowl appetizer – Loaded Potato Rounds (with both vegetarian and meat options). Come by for a little pre-game inspiration and a taste at 12:00pm.

 Forget to bring a shopping bag with you to the market (for the massive amounts of fruits and veggies you will definitely be getting)? Never fear! Visit the Market Information table and find a reusable bag at the Take a Bag/Leave a Bag collection.

 healthy stuff via Shutterstock