Just an idea

The union members of Faculty House, who have been in contentious contract negotiations for months, voted yesterday to authorize a strike. The full statement can be read below:

To the students, Faculty and the Administration of Columbia University;  We the Local 100 Union members of the Faculty House have made a difficult & heartfelt decision to vote yes to a strike authorization; because Sheila Garvey continues to negotiate our contract in bad faith-a direct violation of the National Labor Relation Board and unfair Labor Practice.  Sheila Garvey continues to discriminate against Columbia students participating in our contract negotiations.  Sheila Garvey continues to deny requested access to Faculty House financial statements. Sheila Garvey has stolen our tips/gratuity/service charge.   Sheila Garvey refuses to pay comparable living wage salary increases.  Sheila Garvey continues to deny workers job classifications, adequate health insurance.  Sheila Garvey insists that a $65.00 weekly stipend is adequate to feed our families.

For all these reasons and more we are desperately asking Faculty members to collaborate with students in solidarity to get the respect, appreciation, justice and monetary satisfaction we deserve.

Protesting via Shutterstock