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Candidates Announced For Barnard Elections

dancin' bear

Three cheers for democracy!

The SGA Elections Commission announced the candidates for the Barnard Spring 2013 elections season. The Candidates’ Forum (Speeches and Q&A) is this Sunday, April 7th, 7 pm – 9 pm, in the Diana Event Oval. The click for the Candidates’ platforms and look at the full list of candidates after the jump!


SGA President

Aliza Hassine:

Madelyn Popkin:


VP for Student Government

Mia Cooper:


VP for Campus Life (formerly VP Student Activities)

Colleen Mulvihill:


VP for Finance

Deepanjali Dalmia:

Julie Tauber:


VP for Communications

Renée Kraiem:


Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees

Ashiana Jivraj:


Representative for Campus Policy

Emily Hough-Kovacs:


Representative for Diversity

Taysha Milagros Clark:

Julia Qian:


Representative for Student Services

Claudia Flores:

Rachel Rosen:


Representative for Information and Technology

Mel Meder:


Representative for Arts and Culture (formerly Representative for University Programming)

Lindsay Forcade:

Adrienne Nel:


Representative for Student Interests (formerly Representative for Community Development)

Eliza Taylor:


Representative for College Relations

Rachel Harrus:

Tianye Sun:


Senior Class President

Stephanie Fernandez:

Candace Fox:

Ashley Wagner:


Senior Class VP

Nikki Weiner:


Junior Class President

Hannah Rosenwein:


Junior Class VP

Shenel Lambiro:

Lissa Soares:


Sophomore Class President

Alejandra Figueroa:

Shivani Vikuntam:


Sophomore Class VP

Rachel Chung:


Sophomore Class Treasurer

Pascale Duque:


Sophomore Class Secretary

Anjali Agarwalla:


SGA elections via Barnard 

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  • Corruption says:

    @Corruption How do you know an election is rigged? When people are too scared to contest the race.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous the link to the platforms doesn’t work

  • Blunts in Butler says:

    @Blunts in Butler I’m high as fuck right now.

  • bc 13 says:

    @bc 13 tag should be “bear doin’ gangnam style”

  • please says:

    @please have you SEEN any of the prior SGA elections? They’re always like this. Most Barnard students are generally apathetic towards their student government.

  • presidential candidates says:

    @presidential candidates Aliza – Delta Gamma member who has deleted Facebook friends that have vocalized opposition to SGA Greek Life recognition on basis of exclusivity and appearance discrimination

    Maddy – open-minded, fair, egalitarian girl who co-wrote the piece ““Colonization”?: An Appeal for a Conscientious Community,” works for Well-Woman, and is generally committed to treating all Barnard girls with respect and dignity—*especially* those that are marginalized the most.

    please make the right choice, bears.

    1. Anon says:

      @Anon Do you even know Aliza or are you just vocalizing a judgement which actually doesn’t sound very “open-minded, fair, or egalitarian” – who is discriminating now?

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous actually, I was that constituent whom she deleted after bring that up (in the context, I forgot to mention, of the otherwise universally-hated Barnard flier approval and censorship policy, which she supported for “creating an inclusive on-campus atmosphere”). But I’m glad you agree that’s not particularly “open-minded, fair, or egalitarian.”

        1. Anon says:

          @Anon As someone who was at that meeting – she actually expressed the fact that certain fliers on this campus discriminate towards others and that the student life policy was simply well intentioned but not well executed. Also maybe she just in friended you because friending random people isn’t helpful…..

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous Yes, and i pointed out in response to that, on her facebook thread about it, that she had been vocal in favor of Greek life, which is much more about exclusivity (especially if you’re defending Delta Gamma) than a free speech issue is, and that that would seem a more appropriate issue to revisit if she was concerned about protecting people’s feelings.

            When you’re on SGA, it’s your job to field comments from, much less Facebook-friend, “random people.” Rather than explain how those two views are possibly reconcilable, and/or revise one of them, she defiended me within a day. You can draw your own conclusion. I just wanted to share that fact.

      2. get over the Greek Life Issue! says:

        @get over the Greek Life Issue! GREEK LIFE was recognized!!! Aliza was not the only one who supported it obviously or it would not have been recognized. Plus last time I checked a new sorority even came to campus – so clearly Barnard students enjoy it. If this is who I think it is ehem Hannah – seriously just move on from Greek Life. The town halls are over about it and it’s done! Stop hatin’!
        – Greek Life member!

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous exactly. Greek life was recognized. So she should own it. If we’re all big girls now, and it’s no longer about having a nice and happy community where we’re all friends and hold hands, let people post their f***ing fliers (which again, is a way more fundamental right). Sure, the student body voted, but it was sga members that sent out biased “fact sheets” to inform them. and it’s disingenuous to invoke touchy-feely women’s college protectionism when you’ve already trampled on that in a way more public context. All I’d really wanted to say is that that, and her non-SGA-like reaction to that point, do not speak highly of her as a thoughtful leader.

      3. Anon says:

        @Anon you need to chill and get over all of this. she supported Greek Life just like the majority of people on SGA at that time and I’m sure she would still support it because it’s a community on campus that A HUGE PERCENTAGE of Barnard women are part of. So ARE YOU trying to discriminate Barnard Students because from my point of view, all Aliza ever do was include those who wanted to be included in the Barnard community and that is exactly what SGA voted for and what majority of the student body wanted at that time. Get your facts straight and seriously just stop commenting – your points are just worthless.

        1. BC student says:

          @BC student Your conversation makes me want to vote Maddy-as someone who knows either of the candidates well. So thanks a lot, Anon! (the track button is amazing)

          1. BC student says:

            @BC student *neither

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous is it worthless to point out that an SGA member has voted differently on an issue (here, “inclusivity”) depending on whether it affects her (being in a sorority) vs. doesn’t affect her (fliering)?

          and/or depending on whether it’s an opportunity to suck up to the administration (flier policy, which admin created) vs. isn’t that opportunity (sororority policy, which admin were apathetic about)?

          there are two explanations here. either aliza is self-indulgent and lacks empathy for others in parallel situations as those in the flier situation, such as those she excludes each spring as a member of Delta Gamma, or aliza has a core belief that inclusivity *isn’t* important, but suspends it in the face of opposing the administration.

          in most cases, yes, that’s a worthless point to make. Being SGA president is not one of those cases. sorry.

  • Anon 2 says:

    @Anon 2 Clearly she is not the one who is egalitarian. It’s the candidate.

  • a fair opinion says:

    @a fair opinion I love Aliza, but she does not follow through with any of her ideas. Maddy is the right choice.

    1. anon says:

      @anon i’d ask her about them…I thought the same thing on some topics and she explained all of it to me and it wasn’t as clear cut as I think you, at this point, think. Bureaucracy basically

    2. Student says:

      @Student Has maddy even done anything on this campus at all…from what I can tell or have heard, no

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous She is the President of Q, a peer educator at well woman, organized the women’s leadership retreat to name a few

  • sss says:

    @sss If you want someone who will actually do work and isn’t just doing it to pad her résumé, vote Maddy

    1. Anon says:

      @Anon What has Maddy even done…seriously never even heard of her. Sounds like a last ditch at padding a resume before she graduates to me.

      1. Tracking.... says:

        @Tracking.... yikes…

  • Arsene Wenger says:

    @Arsene Wenger >that feel when no qt Barnard SGA representative in sexy business attire girlfriend to talk passionate student politics to ;_;

    1. Jürgen Klopp says:

      @Jürgen Klopp Lost it at passionate student politics

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous >greek life
    >killing it with fire

    choose both

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Greek fire?

  • Greek life member says:

    @Greek life member Know this will be downvoted to oblivion, but whether or not you believe Greek organizations should receive funding or specialized housing (which, by and large, is funded by alumni donations), I don’t think RECOGNITION as student groups should be an issue decided by majority vote.

    I know a good number of people at Columbia would like nothing better than to see Greek life wiped off campus. But I have to ask – when Greeks tend to keep to themselves and are such a small percentage of the community, how are they responsible for perpetuating appearance discrimination? If girls in DG are shallow enough to keep you out of their friend circle because of your appearance, that wouldn’t change if sororities didn’t exist. Plus, everyone who goes through formal recruitment gets at least one bid.

    1. uh what says:

      @uh what who said that DGs “are shallow enough to keep you out of their friend circle”. While each greek life organization has a cap to how many people can be admitted, this is not a reflection of being “shallow”. Aliza shouldn’t be penalized because shes a part of an organization that is exclusive. You have to “try out” for a ton of groups on this campus in the same fashion that you have to “try out” for greek life organization. Aliza’s entire mission in working with SGA is to be as inclusive as possible. She’s always approaching new people and making sure their time at barnard is as easy as possible. Don’t judge someone by the organizations they take part in

  • Anon says:

    @Anon just so you know she did NOT “invoke touchy-feely women’s college protectionism ” all she did was recognize that certain groups on campus have complained about fliers that were posted on campus that they felt were discriminatory – she worked to advocate on behalf of marginalized groups!

    As someone who has been on SGA – SGA’s job is to advocate on behalf of student groups of all kinds and that is exactly what she has done both with Greek Life and with the fliers, which fyi were an SGA issue.

    I’d love to know what Maddy has done – but then again considering I’ve never heard of any general population policy she has been apart of – pretty sure it’s nothing

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous track button, sweetie

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I wouldn’t normally comment, but vote Lissa Soares. Once, at an event, I got a really terrible nosebleed, and Lissa, whom I’d never met before, ran over to help me– she stayed with me a good 15 minutes until the bleeding stopped. If the girl is nice enough to help out a total stranger like that, I think she’ll make a damn good Junior Class VP.

    1. BC '15 says:

      @BC '15 being nice has nothing to do with competency in governing

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous can we just agree that all people suck in general and move on

    misanthropy 4 SGA y’all

  • Arsene Wenger says:

    @Arsene Wenger C..can I have Goetze and Lewandoski? I’ll give you Chamakh and Arshavin. Please respond ;_;

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