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Bwog is pleased to announce the results of the GS Student Council election for 2013-2014. Although the list of winners we received this morning featured many more percentages than Bwog is used to dealing with on Friday mornings, from what we understood, the runner-up in the four VP races automatically becomes the chief representative for that category. The full list of results appears below:


Student Body President

Hannah Germond


Vice President of Policy

Edgardo Martinez


Vice President of Finance

Austin Taylor


Vice President of Communications

Cole Cademartori


Vice President of Student Events

Jason Pettigrew

JTS Students Representative

Elizabeth Heyman


Veteran Students Representative

Daniel Slaughter


Chief Policy Representative

Ari Platt


Chief Finance Representative

Deniz Rosenberger


Chief Communications Representative

Loren Myers


Chief Student Events Representative

Paul Cornec


Following the elections spring appointments for the 2013-2014 GSSC will be conducted for the following positions: Senior Class President, Senior Class Vice President, International Students Representative, Working Students Representative, Alumni Affairs Representative, Four Council Representative, and Social Chair. All other positions will be filled at the beginning of Fall 2013. More information about the spring application and interview process will be made available in the coming week.

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