ummm I was promised fragrant herbs

As the Sun slowly but surely peeks its head out from behind the clouds, Columbia is transforming from a desolate wasteland into a pretty nice place to live. Take a break from stressing about how finals are coming up, or finding a job this summer, or that fucking jackhammer that’s right below your window — celebrate the warm weather with a trip to the Columbia Greenmarket! As always, the greenmarket is open year-round on Sundays and Thursdays and accepts credit, debit, and EBT.

There is food scrap collection for compost every Sunday, from 8am to 1 pm, and textile recycling every Sunday from 8am to 3pm.

Here’s this week’s highlight:

  • Happy Earth week to all! Bit by bit Spring is arriving. There are ramps, asparagus, and plenty of greens in the market. There are lots of colorful flowers and fragrant herbs for your windowsills. Don’t forget to stop by the managers table to see what market manager Laura Emerson is cooking up this week!