But are you this wise?

But are you this wise?


(and friends of seniors.)

It’s time for one of our greatest traditions to return: we’re starting our call for Senior Wisdoms. For freshpersons/transfers/people who don’t like one of the greatest things ever, Senior Wisdom is our annual features where we ask outgoing seniors to share the knowledge and advice they’ve culled from Columbia over the past four years. Responses are inevitably hilarious, slightly dangerous, extremely insightful, and generally awesome. Not to mention a fantastic procrastinatory tool during finals weeks.

How it works: nominate a graduating senior who you think is a fantastic human being and should have their wise words shared with the general public. Exercise your voting rights by using this form to give us some basic information about them, and we’ll get in touch begging their erudite messages. Then, sit back and bask in how funny/right about life your classmates are. A huge number of nominations come in each year, so move quickly — and give some great reasons — to see your friends’ names up in lights!

The original wisdom via Wikimedia Commons