NSOPers reciting the pledge

NSOPers reciting the pledge

There’s been a bit of controversy about Columbia’ recently proposed honor code resolution, with CCSC passing the resolution, and ESC passing then subsequently rescinding it. According to the Spec article on the honor code, the resolution would “require students from all four undergraduate schools to recite an honor pledge during the New Student Orientation Program convocation.” Bwog got so inspired by this idea that we’ve made our own honor code, ranging from academic, to ethical, to social integrity.

Bwog solemnly swears never to:

  • Write about going to specific bars while underage
  • Forget to give back all the plates/cups we borrowed from the dining halls…someday
  • Sell drugs out of the house
  • Leave Game of Thrones spoilers in our Facebook status
  • Take elevators under three flights
  • Steal Nutella more often than one day a week
  • Place orders of over 100 fake IDs to be delivered to our CU mailbox
  • Make fun of B-school students
  • Sleep in the library (unless it’s Uris)
  • Sneak coffee and food in Butler
  • Pull all nighters
  • Cheat the printing quota
  • Open up the printers to fix their paper jams because the super responsive CUIT people told us not to
  • Smoke within 20 feet of the Butler entrance
  • Tell prefrosh there is absolutely no penalty to not finishing AlcoholEdu (oops)

And because proactivity is better than inactivity, we honorably promise to:

  • Attend every “mandatory” floor meeting
  • Be nice and respectful of each other’s schools
  • Reattach the closet door used for beer pong at the end of the year
  • Actually do the reading…at least once per semester.

Not frat pledging via Wikimedia