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The Activities Board At Columbia And Conflict Of Interest

The Activities Board at Columbia is responsible for the proper allocation of campus clubs’ funds, and its deliberations have become an interesting cause for concern. Fairness aficionado Maud Rozee visited the group to check it out. A few days ago, Bwog got a tip which claimed that the Activities Board at Columbia (ABC), which allocated the budgets […]

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CCSC: They’re Baaaack

Last night was the first CCSC meeting of the year, though it was mostly a housekeeping meeting.  Joseph Milholland surveyed the occasion. The first CCSC meeting of the 2013-2014 school year kicked off with free Pinkberry for all the members of the council. So that’s one perk of being a politician. The council members talked […]

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The Honor Code: It’s Happening

The much debated, highly controversial, and somewhat confusing Columbia Honor Code is officially happening. CCSC had something to say about it; SGA had something to say about it; Bwog had something to say about it. Yet during its turbulent gestation, the honor code remained mysterious in its actual content, leading to rooms of people arguing […]

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Senior Wisdom: Steven Castellano

To close out the night, we bring you the man who brought you the honor code, P/D/F policy, automated add/drop and online waitlists, and many more… Name, Hometown, School: Steven Castellano; Middletown, NJ; Columbia College (Biophysics) Claim to fame? For most of my time, I was a chill, friendly guy who encouraged everyone to relax, But. This. […]

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Widespread Cheating Scandal At Barnard

Apparently, Harvard isn’t alone in its recent tradition of academic dishonesty. Over the past few weeks, the English department at Barnard has also faced a major cheating scandal. The wildly popular Major English Texts II class, in which 123 students are enrolled, is currently under review by the registrar and dean after several students reported […]

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Bwog’s Highly Reputable (Dis)Honor Code

There’s been a bit of controversy about Columbia’ recently proposed honor code resolution, with CCSC passing the resolution, and ESC passing then subsequently rescinding it. According to the Spec article on the honor code, the resolution would “require students from all four undergraduate schools to recite an honor pledge during the New Student Orientation Program […]

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