Don’t you hate sitting there hitting refresh on SSOL just hoping one person will drop out of that 15-person creative writing seminar?  Well, now you can stop hitting refresh and simply wait it out: there’s an automated waitlist!  That’s right, coming this fall (to instructors who choose to opt-in, including most non-core classes) all you have to do is sign up for the waitlist on SSOL.

Faculty will have the option of auto-fill (default, first-come-first-serve) or instructor selection.  Instructor selection is for courses that require applications or instructor permission and involves teachers picking people off the list based on provided information (year, major, comments, and attachments).  This is a CC-initiative, though.  SEAS students may have to wait a bit longer, depending on ESC cooperation.  Barnard students will be given access to SSOL to join the waitlist.  Students will be limited to 3 waitlist requests per semester.

In addition to the waitlist, the add/drop system has finally been automated.  No more going to Kent to fill out forms!

Of course, this wouldn’t be Columbia without convoluted instructions, so please enjoy these rull simple flowcharts: