This semester, both Student Wellness Project and University Senate worked on some impressive studies of general student life across Columbia University.  Some of the results came out at the end of the semester and makes for good reading material for a “productive” study break.

SWP looked at a variety of ways the community is hurting and discussed strategies to best fix this.  First, they noted the ineffectiveness of NSOP in creating community (wait, my NSOP group crew isn’t going to be my group for the rest of college?) and introducing students to the high stress culture here, in addition to the general confusion that comes from no administrator actually explaining anything to anyone ever.  The report also touches on the first semester Pass/D/Fail Policy and a well needed restructuring and expansion of CPS.  With any luck, some of these things might actually be fixed.

Click here to download the full SWP report.

USenate had their first-ever University-wide Quality of Life survey.  The survey was given to all of the colleges at Columbia and addressed financial aid, housing, social life, academics, and administration.  A deeper analysis of the results will be coming out in the Fall.  Students reported being the most satisfied with Safety, Transportation while “Funding” (i.e. the funding of one’s education) was at the lowest end of the spectrum.  They plan to administer this University-wide survey once every 2 years.

Click here to download the full press release.

As an added bonus for reading, here is USenator Richard Sun getting pied in the face.  According to tipster, “he promised to let Senators from schools with a higher response rate than CC for the Quality of Life survey pie him in the face.

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