Jennifer Wisdom

No, that’s not a typo.  On the eve of her graduation we have GSSC Student Body President Jennifer Wisdom, who gave us one of the best headlines ever.

Name, Hometown, School: Jennifer Wisdom, Dallas, Texas. GS

Claim to fame? Outside Columbia: CEO of my event planning company that creates custom full-cast murder mystery dinners and brings them to your door. My favorite event thrown in the city so far was a star trek whodunnit for an 70 year old trekkie woman, who spoke few words that evening but could still throw a mean vulcan salute. Inside Columbia: Student Body President for the General Studies Student Council, officer of the Political Science Students Association, Orientation Leader, Junior Marshall. I’m also the one who organizes all those themed scavenger hunts during GS orientations and is the one most likely to be seen busting out some sweet robot dance moves during Gala. Oh yes, and my candidacy gave Bwog the headline, Wisdom Outlasts Bacon.

Where are you going? I am getting married to my best friend of seven years in June, then we are spending some time in Europe. Then it’s back to NYC, where I will develop the Manhattan branch of my company and hopefully apply to SIPA for my MIA next year.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Allow yourself to change. The words of former GSSC President Jacqueline Thong have stuck with me since my first day of orientation. “Columbia is like a giant monster that sucks you up and spits you out a different person – likely, a better person.” What I took from her words is that yes, we are all badasses of the highest caliber, or we wouldn’t be here. But if we allow ourselves to be broken down, challenged, and even offended by our professors and our peers, we will emerge a better person. The “real world” needs better people, so don’t let your pride get in the way of your personal development.
  2. Break out of the GS bubble. To those reading this that are in GS – make some friends that aren’t GS. Until you do this, stop complaining that we are treated differently. You perpetuate the stereotype by being so incestuous. To those in CC, SEAS and Barnard – make a constant effort to collect more than just your one token GS friend. You have more in common with one another than you think, and we can all teach each other a thing or two about breaking down stereotypes and uniting as one university. The greatest weapon we posses as students is our collective voice – this trend of solidarity has seen some great strides in undergraduate collaboration this year.
  3. If at first you don’t succeed…go to someone else. Columbia is a bureaucracy and most likely you will be speaking to a lower rung on the chain of command when you have an issue – be it housing, financial aid, a low grade on a paper, or even lobbying for more nutella in the campus eateries. Be respectful, but also do your research to find out who else you can talk to if you don’t like the answer you are given. It has been my experience at Columbia that as long as you are resilient and respectful, you can make just about anything happen.

Back in my day… Orientation was not the pageantry it is today. GS didn’t have nearly as much of the core. Different deans roamed the halls of Lewisohn. Councils kept to themselves for the most part. Oh, and I had to walk uphill – both ways – with my Columbia housing…no joke.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I believe I was put on earth to inspire and love everyone I come into contact with, and that starts with making people smile. Was that a smirk? Mission accomplished.

Write a CU Admirers post to anyone or anything at Columbia: Dear Karishma, Tim, Jung-Hee, Aries, Will, Christopher R, Nikki, Ari, David, Crissy, Joe, Kevin, JNC, Angelica, Mike D, Alexandra, Austin, Hilary, Anna, Iban, Kam, Lee-on, Loren, Edward, Alex, Arakel, John, Hannah, Gardo, Zack, Robbie, Mike C, Amna, Katharine, and Michael G — Thank you for being the most remarkable set of individuals I have ever worked with during my time here. I love you and will miss you all very much.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?

Though both claim merit,
Cheddar and Gouda prevail-
Cheese is too yummy.

One thing to do before graduating: Thoroughly explore ALL of the rooftops, tunnels, and secret spaces of Columbia and Barnard. They are tough to get to at times, but worth the effort and CU street cred you will undoubtedly receive! ;) Also, this will give you a heads up on evacuation techniques should there ever be a zombie apocalypse.

Any regrets? I regret having to work while attending classes full time. As a non-traditional student with bills to pay, this was my only choice. But it also kept me out of some of the clubs I wish I had the time to join. Here’s looking at you, grilled cheese club.