Two days ago, NBC reported that Chad Washington, CC ’15, was charged aggravated harassment as a hate crime against an Asian student, and that he was other football players who have yet to be charged. Yesterday, WKCR Sports compiled an album of racist, homophobic, and sexist tweets by various football players.

Yesterday night was WKCR Sports’s weekly program, The Firing Lion. On air, they confronted the double-edged sword that is social media, whether there is a “culture of bigotry” on the football team, and what sort of meaningful action the administration can and should take. It was a little hard for them to talk about the tweets, because they couldn’t in accordance with FCC standards read them on air.

They uploaded the show to their SoundCloud this morning. It’s worth listening to (if you can find a spare hour). The ‘KCR sports team thinks through this stuff in good faith.

Unrelated to WKCR but important: Gothamist obtained the criminal complaint against Chad Washington. Apparently both Chad and his friends and the Asian victim and his friends were drinking.

Unrelated to WKCR but interesting: the football team had an emergency meeting on Tuesday night around 9 pm to discuss all this and get their story straight. Coincidentally, there was a large outpouring of support for Chad on Twitter and Facebook right after the meeting.

Update, 2:17 pm: WKCR Sports just released an Imgur album of tweets in which the official football account promoted and recognized some of the student accounts in question.