Last time 2girls had to walk all over the bloody neighborhood the morning after 1girl was “mysteriously sick” (#YOLO) in order to sample the hot chocolate-y goods of various local cafes. This time, that same girl said to the other, “Screw it, I’m not walking. Let’s just buy ice-cream from Westside!” So, 2girls hiked all the way from campus down to the store only to face a crippling inability to decide which ice cream flavor group to try. In a death match between peanut butter and caramel, caramel flavors won, because KARAMEL SUTRA (lol, amirite?).

Haagen-Dazs “Dulce de Leche” $5.59/pint

It’s not as good as Blue Bell, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good ice cream. This expensive-tasting concoction has ribbons of caramel swirled throughout which provide a nice gooey contrast to the smoothness of the ice cream itself. The rich milky flavor of the ice cream and the warm caramel flavor, while not incredibly intense, were apparently satisfactory enough that an anonymous roommate ate the leftover ice cream without telling either of the 2girls. While, alas, not a perfect ice cream, the fake-Danish-word brand is still pretty tasty.

Ben & Jerry’s “Triple Caramel Chunk” $5.99/pint

It just looks good sitting there. Here’s the skinny: the ice cream itself was like the perfectly nice albeit boring sister that acts as a blank backdrop for the raging badassery of caramel filled chocolate candies and caramel swirl- aka, the two sisters you’d actually be inclined to date. If you can gloss over the ice cream and a chocolate-caramel combo is what you’re after, this is for you. We promise that it tastes nice.

Bonus Roommate quote,”Mmm-aah, keep it coming you guys. Keep doing Bwog, this is good stuff.”

Ben & Jerry’s “Karamel Sutra” $5.99/pint

Before 2girls had even tasted this ice cream, before we had even purchased it, we knew that Karamel Sutra could never be bad. Once 2girls had tasted Karamel Sutra, it was strangely underwhelming…much like some sex. One girl felt that the business of the texture and flavor (chocolate chunks, chocolate AND vanilla ice cream, as well as a caramel center) did nothing for her. The other girl liked the break up in texture lent by the fudgy parts and thought that it tasted like coffee. Mainly, we felt sad and empty because we had so wanted to like this and 1girl didn’t even finish. *sigh*

The Ultimate Victor of Ultimate Destiny, Steve’s “Salty Caramel” $6.39/pint

Honestly, at first this was just the ice cream we selected to round out our four and, damn, we were so glad that we did. You know that salted caramel mocha Starbucks sells in the fall? That was a rhetorical question, you should know. Everybody should know. This ice cream tastes like the top part of that before you get to the actual drink part, this salty caramel taste is that salty caramel taste. The ice cream was very creamy and had a sinfully delicious contrast between the sweet and salty flavors. The caramel’s sensation lingers like you wish a lover’s would. 1girl liked the ice cream so much that she attempted to stick her face in a square bowl to lick the dregs. This is, far and away, our winner.

Seductive ice cream via Shutterstock