She sez, “I do!”

“I guess one of the heartening things is how open both students and administrators were about hazing on campus,” sez Wesley Morton, CC ’15 and treasurer of ZBT, whose super mysterious hazing, which neither students nor administrators were at all open about, led to the creation of the anti-hazing admin committee on which Morton now sits. [sez Spec]

Sez Rega Jha, who thought about j-school but is now at BuzzFeed: “My first internship was right after 10th grade.” [sez The Eye]

ADP is a literary society. But! ADP’s latest Lit Night “[c]ould have used a bit more oomph.” [sez 292: “For the reader who lives like an artist.”]

Sez Shira Lerner: “Just took a cab to Econ.” [sez Spectrum]

Make an uncool sweater cool by cutting it with scissors! [sez Her Campus Barnard]

“Bwog is part of the establishment now.” [sez a commenter]

Love in the But via WikiCU