This guy

Tomorrow morning at 8 am, Good Morning America will be blessed with some lovely Columbia faces.  They are kicking off College Week with the greatest performers of our age: the Columbia Kingsmen, soccer team, and Lady Gaga.  This will be the second time some lucky Columbians are featured with Gaga.  (Perhaps the third time will be at Bacchanal, but we won’t speculate on that because we all know what happens when we try to have some fun.)

In any case, the Kingsmen will be performing, some footage from a recent soccer practice will be shown, and GMA wants Columbia students out in the crowd in Columbia blue.  So go have some fun!  It’s not like you were going to make it to that 8:40 am class anyways.

Speaking of the Columbia soccer team, the men’s team home opener will be next Saturday at 4 pm uptown and the women’s team will be back on September 22 at 7 pm.

That sign via Wikimedia Commons