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Reports From The Field: Last Night Was Annoying

ya dum dums

From 1020

Multiple Bwoggers and tipsters reported that various establishments about Morningside Heights were in frustrating condition last night, disrupting the revelry of the last real night before classes start.  The reports:

EC: EC was a mess.  Multiple frats and groups of friends were having parties in the suites and townhouses, bringing hordes of humans to the dorm.  It started simply enough, with a crowd of people in front of the door waiting to be signed in.

At 11:30 pm it was reported that a Public Safety officer was outside monitoring those who didn’t have someone to immediately sign them in.  “Actually New York’s hottest club.”

By 2:30 am, though, things had turned into madness.  By one tip, “guards at the sign in were insane–screaming at people to leave the lobby and physically making barriers and grabbing people and pushing them out.  People were chanting ‘EC is Cuba’–it was ridiculous.”  People were stuck waiting upwards of half an hour to be signed in or out.

Mel’s: By 1:15 am, there were reports that two policemen were standing outside, staring at it.  No word if anything actually happened though.  Ominous.

1020: 1020 had a similarly disgruntled night.  By 1 am, according to Alejandro, last night’s bouncer, there was a line 3-4 people deep stretching past Insomnia, estimating around 80 people.  This isn’t good for the bar–dozens of people standing outside created a lot of noise, leading to several noise complaints from neighbors.

Finally everybody standing outside was instructed to leave and effectively shooed away.  “Lots of people bailed on 1020 for The Heights.”  Only those standing in the smoker’s pen and with stamps were allowed inside.  Groups of seniors, locked out of a favorite hangout, gathered together in solidarity at this outrage and yelled about senior privilege.  At 2 am 1020 started letting people back in again, and those first in were rewarded with a gloriously uncrowded bar.

Amigos: Per one Bwogger, 1 am: “So Amigos is like a legitamite ish bar and kinda cool, whoa culture”

Meanwhile: Apparently Columbia Makeout is back.

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  • Dan says:

    @Dan There are always cops by mels, the 110th street station is a designated patrol stop

  • C. Small should lighten up... says:

    @C. Small should lighten up... I’d bet a whole semester’s tuition that the guard in EC making the situation more difficult than it needed to be was C. Small. She is the Hades of EC.

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