Prabhjot Singh, associate professor of international and public affairs at SIPA, was attacked in an incident that the NYPD is investigating as a hate crime.

According to the HuffPo, Singh—a Sikh who wears a turban—was walking along east 110th street. At 8:15 pm on Saturday night, “[a]n unknown suspect or suspects shouted anti-Muslim statements, knocked the professor down and punched him numerous times in the face.”

According to the Spec:

A group of at least 20 “young males rode up on bikes, surrounded him and started punching him,” Simran Singh said in an email, adding that the assailants shouted “Get Osama!” and “Terrorist!” Another Sikh American, who wanted to remain anonymous, was also assaulted

Singh was hospitalized with “injuries rang[ing] from a fractured jaw to bruising and swelling across his face.”

In 2012, Singh co-authored an NYT op-ed about anti-Sikh violence.