Heinrich Handily Wins USenate

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Marc Heinrich

Marc Heinrich

Since CCSC backpedaled on its decision not to hold elections for the University Senate opening, 36% of you voted. Results below. 

1. Marc Heinrich took the USenate seat with 394 votes (24.7%). Manik Uppal followed with 290 (18.2%). And in third was Samer Ozeir, current Chipotle brand ambassador, with 192 votes (12.03%).

2. Divestment ballot initiative passed with 1166 votes (73.7%).

See the full breakdown on the elections board site.

We’ve reached out to Marc for comment.His comment:

I’m honored to be elected as Columbia College’s newest University Senator. All of the candidates ran a great campaign, and I’m excited to tackle many of the issues brought up over the past few weeks. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote, and I look forward to being an accessible advocate for Columbia College.

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  1. shiiiiit

    i know im gonna be downvoted to oblivion for this but i justttt realized that the divestment was against fossil fuel corporations.. damn. instead of 1156 please count it as 1155 ok thnx back to more drinking

  2. Manik "Munna" Uppal  

    Congratulations to Marc. Lord knows he worked his ass off for this campaign, and he will continue to do so for the Columbia student body in his role as Senator. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the guy.

    Of the few candidates I got to know over the past couple weeks, I was impressed by how genuine, humble, and competent he was. He will make this student body proud.


  3. The Ghost of 546

    He will lead AEPi back to the holy land!!!
    Marc fo Prez!!!

  4. Ugh

    What a fucking climber. Another clone. Just coerced all of his friends into grovel lint for votes f

  5. Conor Skelding  

    Im wierd and suck at everything

  6. WHY  


  7. NO  

    samer would have won but he had votes removed due to violationin policy

    • Nice Try  


      Yea, that's just not true at all. Even with his attempts to get votes by giving out free Chipotle, Samer came well short of coming close to winning. No votes were taken away from him because of the violation since it had no effect on the election. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jeremy, the elections board chair.

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