Marc Heinrich

Marc Heinrich

Since CCSC backpedaled on its decision not to hold elections for the University Senate opening, 36% of you voted. Results below. 

1. Marc Heinrich took the USenate seat with 394 votes (24.7%). Manik Uppal followed with 290 (18.2%). And in third was Samer Ozeir, current Chipotle brand ambassador, with 192 votes (12.03%).

2. Divestment ballot initiative passed with 1166 votes (73.7%).

See the full breakdown on the elections board site.

We’ve reached out to Marc for comment.His comment:

I’m honored to be elected as Columbia College’s newest University Senator. All of the candidates ran a great campaign, and I’m excited to tackle many of the issues brought up over the past few weeks. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote, and I look forward to being an accessible advocate for Columbia College.

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