Can YOU handle real life?

Can YOU handle real life?

The government is still shut down, but apparently they’re working on that. (WSJ)

Luckily, the NSA is the one government organization that never sleeps — they’re too busy going through your email contacts. (The Washington Post)

People explaining how they spent their last $100 is pretty interesting. Not like their last $100 ever, just their most recent $100. Looks like a lot of coffeemostly. Still pretty interesting. (The Billfold)

In an unexpected turn of events, there’s still more victim-blaming going on in rape cases. Here, Dugan Arnett reports on how recently Maryville has led to a lot of unanticipated anger toward the victims and their families. (The Kansas City Star)

The burdens of working-class youth: college, work, and the status quo. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

This is not real life. (Gawker)

Serious teenage boy sitting via Shutterstock.