Anybody remember this Tumblr?

Anybody remember this Tumblr?

Bwog gives you not one, but TWO lovely press releases detailing some exciting victories for the student councils this Monday.

Watson Library

For starters, the multi-council Watson Library resolution passed about two weeks ago has proven effective—making rounds in national media couldn’t have hurt either. The resolution, a joint collaboration between GSSC, CCSC, and ESC, requested lifting usage restrictions in Watson during exam periods after 5 PM, citing significant underuse of space during Spring 2013 finals. The latest and greatest policy change lets undergrads get their grimy palms all over Watson’s pristine library space after 7 PM during finals and midterms and on weekends. The student councils note, though, that they still believe Watson should remain open to undergrads at all times. The councils have now set their sights on a review of the original decision by the University Senate Libraries committee for Spring 2014.

Dorm Swipe Access for Commuters

ESC and CCSC also gained ground on the off-campus commuter swipe access issue, after commuter students suddenly found themselves unable to swipe into campus residence halls after returning this fall semester. The revised policy for this academic year will allow residents to be liable for up to three commuter students so that commuters may enter residence halls freely. However, this policy will only grant access to a single residence hall—commuters, choose wisely. CCSC and ESC called this a short-term solution, but thanked Residential Programs and Student Affairs for being receptive to students’ calls for change.

The full text press releases are on ESC’s shiny updated website:

Image via The Lion