stop right now thank you very much i need somebody with a human toouuuchhh

Too deep for this.

When would Bwog ever turn down a chance to give sex advice? In case you, too, have any burning questions or kind of clever jokes, tip it in. And now, an actual anonymous tip we received:

Can you do a post about sexistentialism? Is that related to the kama sartre?

Dear Sexistentialist,

Did you get this sex nihilo? Regardless, Bwog is no sexpert in neither sexistentialism nor the kama-Sartre. To avoid any sextremely poor philosophical anal(y)sex, Bwog will merely claim that sexistentialism is sextraordinarily important to our changing society today and it’s sexcellent to reflect upon nowadays, sexsextera sexsextera. This may not be the most sexsexful answer, but Bwog has now sexeeded sexpectations in terms of puns and will simply note that Woody Allen’s Whatever Works addresses “sextentialism” as a main theme since it sexamines sex, love and death. Fun fact.

Bwog will continue to sexplore and sexpand on this matter later.

Sexcerely yours,


Screencap from “Come Clean” via Shutterstock