Welcome welcome welcome to V120—that’s right folks, it’s time to start anticipating this year’s Varsity Show! The creative team was just announced and this year we’ve got a lot of anticipating to do: the V120 creative team is virtually the same as V119. In fact, Rae Binstock, CC’15, is the only person on the team who has never before participated in a Varsity Show. Here’s your core group, wish them luck and give ’em a high five when you spy them on College Walk:

Director: Emily Feinstein (BC’14): Actor, V116

Producers: Allie Carieri (CC’15): Actor, V118; Ally Engelberg (BC’15): Producer, V119; Renée Kraiem (BC’14): Stage Manager, V119

Composer: Solomon Hoffman (CC’14): Composer, V118

Lyricist: Nick Parker (CC’14): Lyricist, V119

Writers: Rae Binstock (CC’15); Eric Donahue (CC’15): Writer, V119

Choreographer: Lauren Wingenroth (BC’15): Assistant Choreographer, V119

Art Director: Jiin Choi (CC’14): Art Director, V119