Oh wait, no. Sheetrock is falling.

Late this past Friday night, the ceiling of a McBain double inexplicably fell while one of the room’s occupants watched in terror. The sheetrock fell onto one of the roommate’s desk, bed and shattered her phone. Luckily, both of the sophomores are alright, though probably traumatized by McBain doing what it does best, which is fall apart. The roommates were given a double on the floor above and can’t move back into their original room until Wednesday.

Housing most definitely because this is so typical reportedly “piled up all [their] stuff…trash can on the desk, laundry bag on the bed, luggages on top of shoes…and covered everything with plastic,” making it pretty difficult for the two residents to access any of their belongings. Housing did however apologize, since we all know that the best way to ensure our safety here in these Residence Halls is by saying “sorry” after something potentially life-threatening happens.

Pictures of the wreckage are below, and as you look through them in horror, remember that this could happen to you, considering the conditions of most dorms.