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Topped off.

We’ve decided to pay more attention to USenate and what exactly they do, so as to be prepared for the upcoming election.  They had their big plenary meeting yesterday.  Senatorial summarizer Kevin Chen took notes.

Les highlights:

  • Per PrezBo, if this government shutdown goes on for more than a few weeks, the university is totally fucked financially.
    • A quarter of CU funding comes from federal grants and contracts, so like, we need those
    • Meanwhile, we’ve already been suffering due to the sequestration–some labs still can’t afford hiring new grad students
  • NROTC (that’s Naval) returned to campus this week!
    • There are 5 participating students–2 in CC, 2 in GS, and 1 participating informally from Barnard
    • In May, there will be the first commissioning ceremony in 2 generations for the first student finishing a degree with ROTC
  • In case you haven’t noticed, our deans don’t stick around too long.
    • We’ve got 5 new deans across the University, and we’re on the hunt for 2 more
  • USenate really does just talk about the smoking policy!
    • They’re working with the President’s office because…well…no one is following the rules
    • A task force has been made to make a map of designated areas for smoking because…again…no one is following the rules
    • Apparently the new policy will be implemented and put into effect in July 2014.  SENIORS REJOICE: YOU CAN SMOKE WHEREVER!
  • Manhattanville: a thing that is still happening
    • Per PrezBo: we will “work with the surrounding community” and it is “right for this century”
    • Everyone just wants to make sure their space needs are met
    • The square footage of Manhatanville is approximately equal to the Morningside interior campus.  Damn!
    • The Jerome L Greene Science Center was topped off, which sounds dirty but just means the building finished IS finished.

Bwog’s sophomoric humor via Shutterstock