And what a weekend it was. Before you run off for Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to all the people who provided entertainment this weekend, in our weekly field notes.

A toast to the Class of 2014

Bwog walked into Pourhouse (ugh) for the final Senior Night of the semester at 12:15 am Wednesday night with high hopes, only to have them immediately dashed by the now-expected sight of a mostly empty room scattered with random adults.

Just twenty minutes later, however, more groups of seniors sauntered in.  Soon, the Pourhouse staff was moving the chair and tables out of the way to make room for the growing crowd. By 1 am, rumors abounded that someone was, ah, indulging excessively right there in Pourhouse. Though the music was still so weird (what’s up with that DJ?) the people were dancing and singing along to the awkwardly placed songs. Shout out to Fergie.

Just an hour after entering Pourhouse and considering it an utter disaster on behalf of the lame Class of 2014 (who’s got spirit? No, really, guys let’s get energized.), Bwog was pleasantly surprised by the turnout, finding everyone from that chick we haven’t seen since that weirdo Carman party, that guy we talked to once on McSix, the dude who crashed every stRuggles soiree, and finally the marvelous 100% Senior Night Attendance Winners for the Fall of 2013 (ES and AA, you know who you are, and Bwog applauds you).

By 2 am, even @Butler_209 was jealous of how many people were there, and by 4 am we were arguing with @SeniorNightHC over Taylor Swift’s dating history, which is absolutely a sign of a solid night. Seniors, you stepped it up to close out the fall. Let’s keep it up come spring, ok?

Omgggg cute FB uploads!!!

Everybody and their mother threw a theme party this weekend. Guess Halloween just wasn’t enough. By Bwog’s count:

  • Hat Party (Hogan)
  • Star Whores (Hogan)
  • Hbob Party City Costumes (EC)
  • SpeakEC’s Dranksgiving with mustaches (EC)
  • 3 Women (Watt)
  • SigNu and Youth For Debate’s Rubix Cube Party (SigNu)

Some other things happened

Bwog had our annual dinner to celebrate another year of Bwog. One staffer woke up with a hand-drawn lizard still on her arm, as interpreted by another staffer.

Same staffer reports: “Last night I was so tired that I legitimately fell asleep halfway through taking off my pants. Like standing up. I woke up like fifteen minutes later leaning on my chair and was like ‘get it together.'” Applause all around.

At 11:34 pm on Friday, tipster reports “Just saw a group of 4 people get followed around the block by the police.” No more detail, no follow-up.

Bwog’s editor and her roommate were very happy this Saturday night to celebrate the final 21st birthdays of their friend groups. By Sunday morning however, jointly taking ibuprofen, they were happy never to have to do that again.

A correction: one tipster informs us that our report on the 1020 raid last week was slightly incorrect: the girl who was taken out was not passed out drunk, but hypoglycemic. Bwog regrets the error.

On Friday night St. A’s showcased a few Columbia bands early in the evening, but kicked everyone out by 12:30 am. Our Instagrams narrated most of the night for us, with plenty of obligatory chandelier shots.

Finally, something nice:

From a tipster who spent Saturday night studying at NYU:

why doesn't butler have such nice views

Ooh la la