You may have heard the controversy: at Saturday night’s GREEK BΣΔΤS talent show, thrown by SDT, a performance of “Holy Grail” by members of Lambda came complete with the original, uncensored offensive language–specifically, repeated use of the n-word. The song apparently caused multiple people to storm out of the event, and a “face-off” was had as Onyx, a Columbia hip-hop troupe, refused to perform unless SDT apologized.

By this point, though, the judges had already awarded scores–unaffected by use of offensive language–and Lambda went on to win the contest. While an apology was eventually and repeatedly issued during the event, the groups involved are still feeling the backlash. According to observers, Onyx’s main complaint was that they are required to censor their songs, while no such censoring occurred for Lambda.

SDT, who organized Greek Beats, declined to respond, citing national bylaws that forbade them from speaking to the press.

Onyx and Lambda have both promised us statements that we’ve yet to receive, but once we do we’ll update here.

Update, 8:50 pm We’ve added video and statements in another post.