Put me in, coach

Put me in, coach

So everyone and their mother has seen the front page of the New York Times. Our very own f-word team has lost its way to infamy and now Bwog has to do some tricky grammatical gymnastics to report on it.* Sigh.

*Just to be clear, this is not a post about That Which Shall Not Be Named. It as a post about the New York Times article on That Which Shall Not Be Named.

Here’s a little Sparknotes:

  • Article is written by a Columbia rowing alum
  • Talks about how Columbia f-word has been pretty awful on and off for several decades
  • Describes morning practices in strangely romantic language
  • Makes wild assumptions about the courses that the f-word players are taking
  • Tries to convince us that the team still has hopes of winning
  • Says that winning in football is not the same thing as winning in life (because football and life exist in separate spheres?)
  • Comes to the grand conclusion that we don’t need to win f-word games because the players have great job prospects and that’s all that really matters (good point…what were we even doing trying to win in the first place?)
  • Bonus quote from a really rich Columbia f-word alum: “There’s not one good thing about losing. There are no lessons to be learned.” True.

Update, 5:15 pm Aaaand there you have it, folks, we just completed our first winless season since 1987. 0-10, 0-7 Ivy.

Really serious dog with hand placed contemplatively on an f-word via Shutterstock