Last night Bwog reported that ZBT had lost its national charter until 2015. Since then, Student Affairs and ZBT’s national organization (press release below) have verified this. The press release notes that operations of Columbia University’s ZBT have been suspended “following a decision made by the current undergraduate brothers of the Delta Chapter to resign their membership,” indicating that this was likely a voluntary and active decision by the members.

An unnamed brother from a frat that has dealt with similar issues muses that ZBT may have dissolved, similarly to Beta in 2000. He speculates that reform policies set for ZBT by the Interfraternal Greek Council were extremely onerous, that the IGC made them “jump through hoops” and hit impossible targets. He notes that ZBT stands to gain from rechartering in 2015, because then it will be able to reestablish in an environment with less restrictive policies (two years is a long time, as far as institutional memory goes).

So, ZBT is now inactive, though the frat will still be doing some programming on campus and with national. The undergraduate brothers have been granted early alumni status—that’s one way to graduate without graduating. If only we had a time machine to see how they reemerge from the ashes (as in 2005, hopefully with a big ass TV).

Press release

National Press release