ZBT Loses National Charter Until 2015

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At last night’s IGC meeting, the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life announced that Columbia’s ZBT has lost its original charter from the national organization, as reported originally by The Lion. It’s unclear why this happened, or whether it’s related to the hazing incident or the Ivy League Championships celebration party that caused them to lose their brownstone earlier this year. National revoked their charter, so the chapter is now closed, but they have a new one for 2015—until then, they’re disaffiliated.

This comes after a tumultuous year for ZBT. First, last fall, there was a hazing incident involving members of the field hockey team. Due to this, in February they lost their charter—only to appeal to KevSho and get it back. But then, this summer, the fraternity lost their house due to a kegger thrown in celebration of their Ivy League Championship win.

We’ve reached out to ZBT and CU’s Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life for comment and will update as we get more information.

Update, 11/20 8 am Student Affairs has confirmed national organization’s decision to suspend operations, provides no other details.

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  1. Heisenberg  

    Who could have seen that coming

  2. Anonymous

    No longer will we play the beer pong of triumph. Now it is the beer pong of defeat.

  3. Anonymous

    Collars popped at half mast tonight.

  4. Ghost of 546

    Give their house to AEPi!

  5. but really,  

    isn't this a bit extreme? I mean, yeah they're idiots, but to have your fraternity shut down entirely is a bit...much.

  6. good riddance  

    i think they should get rid of all the other frats and athletics and barnard girls and student worker solidarity

  7. anon  

    So what happened was the guys in charge are oppressing a group of jews(ZBT is a jewish frat) where have I heard that before? Literally Hitler...

  8. zbt pledge  

    shit i need clubs to join now- any suggestions?

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