An unnamed Bwogger may or may not watch HIMYM because Alyson Hannigan was on Buffy.

An unnamed Bwogger may or may not watch HIMYM because Alyson Hannigan was on Buffy.

While our past staffer schedules have revolved around our rather unproductive weekends, Senior Staff Writer Julia Goodman brings the Class of 2018 her average Monday.

7:00 am: My alarm goes off. Ugh…five more minutes…

7:05 am: My alarm goes off again.

7:10 am: And again.

7:15 am: And again. Time for the most difficult decision of my day—to gym, or not to gym? If I decide to drag myself out of bed, I will be out and back by 8, in time to get ready for my first class.

8:00 am: Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast in five minutes (hopefully I remembered to get groceries this week). If there’s time, I make a quick cup of coffee in my suite’s shared Keurig, which is hands-down the best investment we ever made.

8:55 am: If the elevator gets here right when I need it to, I’ll be on time for CC; otherwise I’ll be fast-walking across campus like a crazy person.

9:02 am: I run through the doors. The fact that this class is in the awkward Carman classroom means I have to swipe into the building, costing me a valuable thirty seconds, but I make it just in time.

11:00 am: Done with my first class. Time for intro to comp sci, which means I definitely need coffee.

11:20 am: Arrive at comp sci awkwardly early. I use the extra time to do useful things such as browse Facebook.

1:00 pm: Out of class, and it’s time to go to work. After grabbing lunch because there is no food within five blocks of the office, I get on the subway.

1:30 pm: Why is the uptown 1 NEVER here when I get here?! Those people going downtown don’t have to wait 7 minutes for their subway.

1:45 pm: I get to work and spend a few peaceful hours copy-editing and pulling the best quotes from fiction pieces. Yes, editing is probably the most relaxing part of my day. Make of that what you will.

5:45 pm: Leave work to get on the subway. Take me back to campus, 1 train!

6:10 pm: Make it to my English discussion section in the nick of time, which is good because I hate being late for this class.

7:10 pm: Back at home, it’s time to make dinner.

8:00 pm: Time to start homework. Meh.

11:15 pm: As the amount of time I’ve been awake passes the 16 hour mark, I’m slowly losing the ability to focus. Luckily, I have something to look forward to.

12:00 am: Everyone in my suite gathers to watch the new episode of How I Met Your Mother. Even though it’s pretty bad now. We just need closure, okay?

12:30 am: Back to work.

1:00 am: If I read another word of this book, I’m going to fall asleep on the couch in our lounge. Guess that means it’s time for bed.

1:30 am: Sleep.

Alyson Hannigan via Wikimedia Commons.