So close and yet so far

So close and yet so far

In our ongoing attempt to be your best friend/gossip magazine, we bring you the latest installment in People Who Tip Bwog For Relationship Advice. Tonight, the ever-pesky problem that is “emotions.”

Dear Bwog,

Do you consider emotionally cheating a real thing? If you are in a relationship, and you have some kind of ongoing emotional thing (no sex) with another person, are you considered a cheater?

Dear Breaksgiver (we’re making an educated guess here),

Doesn’t asking Bwog answer your question already? An emotional relationship or a real relationship (whatever that is nowadays) might very well be one and the same thing. After all, shouldn’t all relationships be based on emotions first and foremost (love, hate, like, dislike, and so on)? The only non-relationship, really, is indifference. Now, are you indifferent?

In the context of a romantic relationship; feelings are feelings and though some might be actualized through gestures such as “hooking up” (whatever the hell that means), others may not. But that most definitely does not make them less real.

Though Bwog failed to post advice on Breaksgiving (as Bwog was having a break (up) itself), maybe it’s time to reconsider one of your two relationships. If you feel that one of your two emotional relationships is more powerful, stick to it…or switch to it, depending on your decision!

It might very well be possible to have feelings for two (or more?!) individuals, and whether you pick Jacob, Harry, or Rob Pattinson is up to you. Bwog’s pulling for Team Jennifer Lawrence. Follow your heart, but as of now, it sounds like we both know you are cheating in some metaphysical way. And yes, that counts.

Peace and choose well.

Bwog, single and loving it.

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