it's just dry shampoo don't fret

Found in Butler women’s bathroom, with message “Different people have different ways of dealing with stress I guess”

And oh what a rollicking weekend it was. There was definitely something in the air this week as people everywhere went hog wild and got up to some serious hoodrat shit.

Ah yes, nightlife

Last Lerner Pub of the semester was last night; pretty empty but not Senior-Night-at-Pourhouse status. Plus it was nice not having to wait a year to get a beer. DJ Latte spun a smattering of good Jay-Z hits. The Destiny’s Child #tbt was also much appreciated. Empanadas were yummy, although one girl who shall not be named got cut off after taking too many. Two lovely couples spent the night dancing away—salsa and such—was very fun to watch and Bwog salutes you.

1020, meanwhile, was also decently filled, but not desperately so. Mostly grad students.

Tip received Saturday morning: “Last night the Beta dog (I think) was running and playing on the tarped field in front of Math and then stopped to take a big dump then he and the owner just went on their merry way.”

Apparently there’s a “phantom vommer” who has vomited on each floor of River. Multiple sources on multiple floors confirm.

Lol jk, it’s finals season, motherfuckers

According to an anonymous tipster: “During a recent art hum presentation was that really porn on the projector? You should always use a different USB to store that stuff…”

Thursday night email, sent from Butler: “I’ll pay someone a dollar to go pick up something I printed for me”

An email we received on Friday evening, with subject line “things i hate”:

“that the ceiling of butler caf has hundreds of infinity signs carved into it the building is literally saying ‘YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE HERE'”

At 3:30 am this weekend, one unnamed Bwogger awoke from a dream wherein she was planning an event in Lerner with CCSC. Daphne Chen was there. We’re really really looking forward to break, guys.

Saturday afternoon email: “how depressing is it when you look up to see the sky and instead see the moon and that it’s already dark.”

Saturday night email: “literally what is my thesis”

At several points this weekend, Bwoggers made up ~17% of the population in Butler 210. We are considering donating all of our funds to the school to get the room renamed “Bwog 210.” We will also be commissioning a mural of Hawkma on the ceiling.