Kenneth (?)

Name, Hometown, School: Kenneth, Kenny, Ken, Moshe, Moses, Mo-Zow, Mo Zauderer; Woodmere, NY; Columbia College

Claim to fame? Probably the person who saw you saving three spots in the 3rd Floor Ref Room and kindly asked you, “Is anyone sitting there?” You unkindly gave me a dirty look, said no, and moved your things.

Where are you going? I’ll be going on a month-long vacation to Miami starting December 31st. HMU.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. In many situations, it’s not what you know; it’s who(m?) you know.
  2. Assignments will always get done, no matter how much I panic and stress that they won’t get done.
  3. Never be shy about asking for a meeting. With anyone. Here, that includes CSA, CCE, the College administration, professors, TAs, etc. At first, I was nervous about constantly asking higher-ups for meetings to discuss random things related to my college/professional career. But then I realized I’m here for a very short period of time and those meetings are a part of what I’m paying for.

Back in my day… I was an NYU freshman. But back in my day as a Columbia student, there were tons of iPhone thefts right outside of the brownstone I lived in (but that’s still happening, isn’t it…), there were no kiosks at the package center, and Pam worked in the kosher section of Hewitt.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I have every university printer programmed on my computer. My hand got stuck under a window in LitHum right before I was supposed to give a presentation.

Write a CU Admirers post to anyone or anything at Columbia: To Lisa Northrop: Thank you for allowing me to take your Beginners Yoga class (and thank you David Baruch CC’13 for convincing me to). Though I’ll never be as flexible as you, you at least got me to try. And, who knew that sitting in Shavasana for 10 minutes could be the most relaxing thing on the planet? Thank you.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? I’d say cheese. I know what you’re thinking mom, “But all you eat is pizza and mac n’ cheese!” Some things are just worth dying for…

One thing to do before graduating: Sit in a random coffee shop anywhere in New York City outside of Morningside Heights, bring your work with you, and just sit there for hours. It’s a nice change of scenery and given all the complaints from students about regretting/not being able to take advantage of what the city has to offer, it’s one small step in that direction. Added bonus: you’ll be extremely productive.

Any regrets? Taking too many credits per semester because now I’m graduating early, not taking more classes in random departments outside my major (there are some pretty awesome Urban Studies classes I wish I knew about earlier), not taking more than one class with the same professor, and not making more friends from my classes. Regardless, I had a great 2.5 years and will definitely be making a ton of appearances in the spring!