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An entrepreneur (not Ben Smith or even any CORE member, however)

Bwog loves BuzzFeed. We couldn’t make it through recitations and reading week without 27 Cats in Santa Hats Playing the Piano or 44 Ways Being A Twenty-Something Is The Greatest. We do enough reading already, dammit, and we just want to look at gifs.

Naturally we were very excited when we heard the the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)—the same group that helped make this happen—is organizing “a conversation with BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith,” as well as an exclusive pre-keynote discussion. We hope there will be gifs and more serious discussion on the incorporation of longform articles and native advertising.

The main event will be on Thursday, January 30th from 8-9 pm in the Roone Arledge Cinema. Their blurb after the jump.

CORE: Discussion with BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith

Former Politico writer and the current Editor-in-Chief of the wildly popular and all too familiar BuzzFeed, Ben Smith, will be speaking on his personal experiences launching BuzzFeed into the media phenomenon it is today, and working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and journalism. Come prepared with questions – the discussion would be moderated by Vincent Ponzo, Director of the Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School.

Check out the Facebook event and RSVP at! This event kicks off the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneur’s panel series on Disruptions in Media, co-organised with the Society of Professional Journalists.

Dine & Discuss with BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith

Before the keynote event, Ben Smith will be hosting a smaller, more intimate discussion with 15-20 selected students on Jan 30, 7 pm . To help offset the cost of dinner, please note that we ask for a contribution of $4 per person.

We have very few spaces available, so sign up here to reserve your spot!  The deadline is Sunday, January 26th at 11:59pm, and we will email you shortly thereafter to either confirm your spot or notify you that you have been placed on the wait list.

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