sweet new tables, man

So different…and yet so familiar

Ferris has made some upgrades over break and they are literally life-changing. No, not the staircase. They’ve given us some swanky new tables and room to breathe by adding new bar areas. So now, on your way to get more triangle hash browns, you’ll only crash into four people and knock over two bags.

The downside? If you go to Ferris during peak hours, you’ll probably have to sit next to your friends in a long line at the bar. Have fun playing telephone if your group is more than three people!

So, to recap, here’s a list of things you can do in the new Ferris:

  • Pass people without one or both of you dropping your food (but still not on the staircase…)
  • Struggle to ever find a seat at an actual table
  • Sit at the bar area and really freak out watch the people on the ramps
  • Brush up on your telephone skills

Nobody’s perfect.