Eight years ago today, a ripple was felt throughout the Columbia community. People eating in dining halls lifted their noses in the air and smelled the sweet aroma of free food. Squirrels, rummaging in trash cans and running up trees, suddenly felt as if they were being watched. Morton Williams had the eerie premonition to stock up on string cheese  and PrezBo fixed his hair especially nicely without quite knowing why.

Eight years ago, anyone Google searching the word “Bwog,” was either really bad at spelling, or curious what sound a bullfrog crossed with a bird would make. Hint: it’s probably not “Bwog,” but good try.

And, eight years ago on this very day, Bwog was born. In honor of Bwog’s eighth birthday, Axtrordinary Artist Alexander Pines channeled the contents of Baby Bwog’s second-grade backpack. Some things never change.