Update, 12:05 pm: CCSC President Daphne Chen has reached out to us to note that CCSC member Kareem Carryl is responsible for getting the changes made, in order to “help students feel like administrators do care at least a little about students’ lives and achievements.” Thanks, Kareem!

It has come to Bwog’s intensely wanted attention that Dean’s List inductees in the College now get an e-mail with congratulations from Deantini himself. This is supposedly following complaints that this honor was previously celebrated only with a small note on SSOL.

This is even more necessary considering that back in 2001 the Dean’s List cutoff GPA rose to the current 3.6 from a now seemingly average 3.3.

Furthermore, the administration is further “simplifying” the lives of CC and SEAS students by requiring that Add/Drop forms be submitted in the CSA, rather than in Kent. This is supposedly to avoid lines in Kent and for our convenience. But it hasn’t been particularly publicized, so warn your friends!

Deantini’s pat on the back:
Add/Drop Forms:

New Policy: Add/Drop Forms Go to the Center for Student Advising (403 Lerner)

Dear CC and SEAS students,

As you may know, up until now, you have had to go to the Student Service Center, 205 Kent Hall, to submit Add/Drop forms.

So that you do not have to wait on line at Kent, as of this semester, you should drop your forms off in the Center for Student Advising, 403 Lerner Hall. We will take them to the Registrar’s Office for immediate processing.

Please see your CSA adviser with any questions.


The Center for Student Advising