OJA Reaches Decision On Paint Party

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Did Jubilation! stop by the party?

this one is Bwog’s favorite

According to the same tipster who sent in Carman residents’ defense of Grisham Blake, the Office of Judicial Affairs has reached a decision on the paint party. Blake had his hearing yesterday, and a follow-up meeting at noon today in which he learned of the decision.

1 full year academic probation, 1 full year loss of housing. Recommended leave of absence. If he takes a leave of absence this semester, this semester is expunged from his record. However, the full year of probation and housing loss only begins when he is enrolled. So if he takes the leave of absence this semester and comes back in the fall, he will not have housing or be off probation until the fall of the following year.

Also, he is able to appeal the decision directly to Interim Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez.  Regardless of whether or not he chooses to appeal, he needs to be out of his room by March 2nd.

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  1. Anonymous

    FUCK THAT. Free Grisham Blake!!!

  2. Heisenberg  

    Can't believe I missed this party

  3. wow  

    That awkward moment when someone who threw a crazy but relatively harmless party got more shit from the administration than rapists.

  4. ...  

    What the fuck? Academic probation? What did he do wrong? I mean I understand loss of housing, but shouldn't he just be charged a shit ton of money for repainting the walls and replacement doors?

  5. Ted Bundy  

    Damn...If dude had raped someone he wouldn't even have gotten probation. Ah well, lesson learned.

  6. carman 4 c/o 2013

    we threw multiple paint parties with exaggerated amounts of alcohol. RAs came to the parties. Noob plz.

    Protip for the noobs: rape, don't paint!

  7. confused  

    as to why we're getting the details of this kid's private life... i understand there's a desire to keep the admin accountable for unfair treatment etc., but making this guy a martyr seems a bit awk.

    • OMG  

      Unless you have his expressed consent, how dare you publicly share this!!!! I would feel completely horrified if I were him. I am pretty sure there are privacy acts that you violated, Bwog.

      Did you even think about searches on him by future employers, and how you just comprised him all in the name of getting the "scoop?"

      SO irresponsible.

      • Anonymous  

        We obtained expressed consent.

      • Really?  

        There is a such thing as privacy, but the fact that this is on his record might be made available to employers who ask for it anyway. It's unfortunate, but people should suffer the consequences of their actions, and if not being able to get a certain job because someone judges something he did in college is one of them, then that's just what happens. The fact that you are out here condemning others for ruining his reputation when he played the biggest part in ruining his own reputation is tired. Grow up.

        • lol  

          but actually no. the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act is a thing. so an employer would not be able to see those records.

          your point is dumb, since the point of that legislation is to grant a certain leeway for the "indiscretions of youth."

  8. im tough  

    @im-tough is drinking one to his memory tonight

  9. whatttt  

    this is way too harsh

  10. Anonymous

    Defacing university property is never a good thing. We all have to pay for his stupidity.

  11. Anon  

    @...: If something warrants loss of housing, it probably also warrants an academic probation. You don't know the full story; maybe his academics were severely affected by the fact that he may have an alcohol problem. You don't know all the details, so don't jump to conclusions.

  12. Jesse Pinkman  

    It was crazy, bitch!

  13. tfw  

    tfw we get academic probation for something that has nothing to do with academics...

  14. Anonymous  

    Martinez's wrath will be terrible, her retribution swift. The battle for Carman 8 is over. The War on Fun begins again. All our hopes now lie with Grisham Blake, somewhere in the wilderness.

  15. Thomas

    Doesn't matter if he graduates now, he's unemployable thanks to this shit!

    Couldn't grab the scoop on this without redacting his name? His name links to lots of lovely stuff for potential employers about basically everyone in his dorm agreeing that he's an alcoholic. Bwog gets to post without revealing their identities, this kid should should be afforded the same opportunity.

  16. pornstar  

    dam but i think grizzly blake guy deserves it doe

  17. Former Carminite

    Blake will be OK. We actually need more guys like him. He is fun. This will not impact his future in a negative way.

    The punishment is way too harsh. But, OK. Roll with the punches.

    WE need more stuff like this. This is what college is all about.

    Idea: Animal House screening for all freshman in Carmen ASAP!

  18. What a moron!

    I love how this idiot thought that leaking all this information to Bwog would somehow help him. Rather than rally around him, people are embarrassed to go to school with him. I'm more pissed at admissions for admitting someone who lacks character and is a poor representative of our school. Good riddance!

    • Do you really find  

      Mental health issues a disappointment? I'm actually embarrassed to go to school with you! This should be a community where we lift each other up.

      • Practice what you preach...

        @Do you really find:

        Considering you're taking the high road, maybe you shouldn't be calling me an embarrassment if you take issue with my post. You don't know if I have mental health issues. Shouldn't you be trying to "lift me up?" A little hypocritical, no?

        And mental health issues are not an excuse for behavior like this. If he has a mental health issue (alcoholism), yes, I feel for him. But I am sure a lot of thought and planning went into a party of this caliber. I'm sure he wasn't drunk the whole time during the planning process. He should've known better. This punishment is well deserved in my mind - and clearly in the minds of the decision makers.

  19. Anonymous

    He shouldn't leave... Let columbia start eviction proceedings against him. That'll really fuck them. Takes about 90 days and there's nothing they can do until a decision is reached.

    • Anonymous

      Being kicked out of the dorms isn't the same as being evicted from an apartment you pay rent on. He'd get dragged out in handcuffs and probably expelled. Bad plan.

  20. Anonymous

    I don't advocate or support violence, but if a student ever snapped because of Columbia's policies a lot of us would get it. Columbia really needs to be more supportive and reasonable. The way they treat students isn't right and promotes toxicity in the environment.

  21. Anonymous

    Hah! The sytem works!

    Glad that OJA had the sense to dismiss the letters his friends wrote up. The kid did something stupid, can't control his alcohol issues, and his useless friends didn't have the attention to help keep him out of trouble. Anyone who expected a different outcome than this is a tool.

  22. I wonder  

    ..who the tipster is. Wouldn't be surprised if it is one of his "friends" who are so concerned that he is an alcoholic, but still party with and enable his behavior.

  23. Anonymous  

    The testimony submitted is questionable-I overheard a few guys speaking in carman today and one was telling his friends that he wanted to help out the carman 8 friends by writing a fake statement to get back at the ca for refusing to sleep with him. Umm who does that? Absolutely repulsive.

  24. moreoftenthanyouthink

    a similar situation (although a bit less severe) actually happened last year to someone i know. it's great that this is being publicized and important to know that the oja is even more arbitrary than you may believe. it's time columbia put the well-being of its students first. why do we not have students or even deans participating in the "judicial" system? it is supposed to look out for the safety of our community, but 1 random woman and her sycophant intern should not determine the rules of our community (as she kept saying, the rules in the student handbook are purposefully made broad).

  25. lolol

    ...his name isn't even really grisham...just on fb...stop freaking about revealing his personal info...none of it is legit

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