Did Jubilation! stop by the party?

this one is Bwog’s favorite

According to the same tipster who sent in Carman residents’ defense of Grisham Blake, the Office of Judicial Affairs has reached a decision on the paint party. Blake had his hearing yesterday, and a follow-up meeting at noon today in which he learned of the decision.

1 full year academic probation, 1 full year loss of housing. Recommended leave of absence. If he takes a leave of absence this semester, this semester is expunged from his record. However, the full year of probation and housing loss only begins when he is enrolled. So if he takes the leave of absence this semester and comes back in the fall, he will not have housing or be off probation until the fall of the following year.

Also, he is able to appeal the decision directly to Interim Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez.  Regardless of whether or not he chooses to appeal, he needs to be out of his room by March 2nd.