"My Vote" lolz

Is this how you vote??

Boy oh boy. Yesterday evening, the Columbia Elections Board posted the official ballot items for the Spring 2014 Special Election, including the list of candidates running to occupy the seat left vacant after Ben Kornick’s resignation.  You can find the list of candidates below.

The board is also including a referendum on the ballot to allow students to run for VP positions without a party, an initiative of Daniel Liss, CC ’16.  Should this measure pass, only the President and VP of Policy would be elected as a ticket.

Here’s the list of CCSC 2016 Class Representative Candidates:

  • Ankeet Ball
  • Christopher Wang
  • Emily Scherer
  • Nimra Khan
  • Radhika Gupta
  • Sameer Mishra
  • Sarah Yee

Candidates can’t actively campaign until Thursday at 10 am, so the content of any prior interviews won’t be made public until then (so secretive).  In the meantime, we’ll all be on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what they have to say. Who doesn’t love some good, ole-fashioned democracy?

Democracy? via Shutterstock