Early this morning, Bwog traveled toward Butler to begin a miserable Sunday of studying. And lo, Hawkma, our star of the sky, appeared. Hawkma wasn’t alone, however. She was joined by another avian friend who shortly flew over to John Jay (was it Hawkpa? Hawkma II? We aren’t sure of Hawkma’s sexual preferences) as he/she was unable to handle the spotlight that Hawkma is so used to.

A girl's gotta eat.

A girl’s gotta eat.

This afternoon, a rather unrefined individual, unappreciative of Columbia’s fauna, tipped the following:

Just had a small heart attack when this giant ass hawk swooped by and grazed my window, then landed on top of Wallach to search for its next victim. Goddamn nature gtfo.

Hawkma is as interested in Westside’s Super Bowl wings special as you are, so you gtfo.