Celebrities Just Love Columbia

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Djokovic chillin in SIPA

Djokovic chillin in SIPA

What can we say? Columbia is clearly the most popular place for famous people to come hang. In honor of tennis champion Novak Djokovic speaking at the Altschul Auditorium in SIPA this afternoon, Bwog wants to take a moment to reflect on some of our bff’s visits.

  • We still couldn’t find ourselves humored by Chris Rock
  • We had to realize that SJP is a real person and not the myth of what everyone thought New York would turn us into
  • We secretly wanted Rob Lowe to announce a revival of the West Wing
  • We might have caught a VD with Vinny
  • We tried to hold hands with Yeezus when he came to campus
  • We lacked any form of emotion in our faces just like our girl KStew

Here’s to hoping famous people stroll by us many more times in the future while almost eating shit on Low steps. We will always feel like giddy children when our superstar friends get lost actually want to come to Columbia.

Twitter photo courtesy of @AR_Shah

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  1. U SRS Bwog  

    Who tf is Navak?

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