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Damn, wouldn’t some mozzarella sticks and chicken wings, a Jamba Juice, and maybe even a chocolate milkshake be delicious right now? This rat thought so too, but was disappointed to find that JJ’s Place was closed at this hour. There on the steps he cried, until a human found him and crafted a crude Snapchat. He scurried away to Ferris, hoping to find some leftover pasta.

we all get hungry

JJ’s would probably have to literally burn to the ground before people stopped going.

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  1. anon  

    But really columbia needs to get some campus cats to deal with the rats plus they are cute and environmentally friendly

  2. Anonymous

    Why is it really closed? Someone just posted that picture.

  3. Anonymous  

    I mean JJ's isn't open at midnight on Saturdays...

  4. Steve I.

    Crikey. That's a big one.

  5. Not the first time  

    A while back after JJs story with the health inspector came out, I saw a large insect on the walls inside in the dining area. Unfortunately, my phone was out of battery and I couldn't take a picture of it to send it to bwog. Let's just say I haven't been to JJs since, so this is all good to know people!

  6. English grammar

    thou *shalt* not pass

  7. hi

    zomg it's ratatouille!

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