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Percentage of A-range grades out of all grades for Core classes

Heard enough of the word “transparency” yet? We don’t think so! Many Columbians (apparently) have long been calling for more transparency in the grading system. CULPA’s vague and biased info on grading policies is just not enough.

Although A-range percentages for classes are available to employers through Columbia transcripts, information isn’t available to students prior to taking classes. Daniel Liss, CC ’16, is hoping to remedy that through his new website, [email protected], which allows students to enter into a database the A-range percentages available on their transcripts. The goal is to compile this information for all classes at Columbia and make it available to students.

Liss hopes the site will clarify some of the grading practices at Columbia, such as whether different sections of the same class taught by different professors are graded similarly.

We think this could be a really valuable resource for those who want to take the easiest classes possible at all times and who only look at the grading section on CULPA anyways. Downloading your transcript is easy via SSOL—there are even instructions on how to do so on Liss’s website—and entering in your information should only take a few minutes. The website will launch the search function at about 500 submissions. According to Liss, the site received 235 within the first few hours of his making it public. The power of Facebook, y’all.

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  1. You da man Liss  

    Very clevuh idea...

  2. This is  

    kind of ridiculous, and contributing to the perception of widespread grade inflation when SURPRISE, there's anything but that in hard sciences and engineering.

  3. Juan Ocampo  

    This is a horrible idea. The only thing that it will do is encourage students to look up prospective classes and professors in the database and join the ones where they are most likely to get an A. Conversely it will encourage professors to grade more easily so more students join his/her class and get good reviews. It adds fuel to the fire of education for a degrees sake

  4. nerdy  

    hi i am nerd. give me a+ please.

  5. enterprising journalist  

    brb telling Huffpo about this so they can do ANOTHER report about how ivy league students do nothing but laze about on their trust fund money and accumulate A's since we all bought our admissions anyway.

    But seriously, I can't for the life of me understand how this could possibly be a "good" idea or at all address an existing problem.

  6. Alex  

    Good luck on your Campaign Liss!!!

  7. Anonymous

    We need more grade inflation like Princeton and Harvard where all you need to do is breath to get an A.

  8. thomas

    doesn't work for GS

  9. Haha  

    LOL FroSci #whyCUwhy

  10. AHamdi5  

    I would like to reference people to FERPA:

    [email protected] will likely require a waiver from student to allow them to release information from their transcripts. (This world is weird)

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