You can't burn them yet, we're only halfway

You can’t burn them yet, we’re only halfway

Spring break is upon us, and Bwog plans on departing without a tinge of poignancy. Midterms have come and gone, and stress is melting off under the gentle sunbeams of an early Spring. It is time to go. Don’t pack that stack of unread CC books, don’t stuff those notes in the top of your bag, and for the love of Bwog leave that calculus textbook where it lies. Let us, collectively, relax for a week of bliss. If you find yourself on a beach, put an umbrella in your drink. If you’re cuddling up in Morningside, binge-watch Netflix and munch on Milano’s to your hearts desire.

Though some of our destinations are more glamorous than others’, we all have the chance to chill. Unless of course you have an internship, a job, a long-term project, or just a shit-ton of school work, in which case ignore everything you just read. Bwog out.

Gathering Dust via Shutterstock