rough times

After fighting in the war… Oh which one? You know. The war…

It is the height of midterm season, and Bwog has to wonder… have you given up? Where is the debauchery, the fuck-it, the decisions  to stay out until 3am when your midterm is at 10am the next morning? If the fight is still alive and the war isn’t over, send in your battle plans and war stories to Until then, we will carry on for Mother Alma. VENI VIDI VICI

The Scouts

  • “Apparently Bobst and not Butler is the hottest club in NYC: they’re kicking everyone out for a concert on the first floor of the building. Bastards.”
  • “Just got bounced at artichoke pizza for trying to get a napkin. I’m also completely sober again after eating one slice of pizza. Thank you.”
  • “Pretty much just paid a $5 cover charge at Brad’s in NYU land to not get IDed. Much girls dancing and staring into my soul like we just became bffs while saying ‘I’m so sorry’ before pushing me out of the way. I felt a strange mixture of youth and feeling way too old for this shit.”
  • “My roommate who is here studying abroad from China taught us what she said was Chinese poker but I’m pretty it was just another card game. But sangria was drank so no one really knew there was a difference.”
  • “Went to hang with a friend who lives in a real apartment, drank too much and stayed over on a couch that was WAY more comfortable than my bed. Also watched Clueless twice back to back.”

The Warriors

  • “Huge fucking party at the frat between beta and q house.”
  • “I was in the Barnard Public Safety shuttle, driving past KDR. Public Safety guy says ‘I’m really glad I don’t work for Columbia tonight.'”
  • “I went to ADP and a kool kat let me pee upstairs. I felt like royalty.”
  • “Last night at ADP, I saw a girl in a Bowdoin sweatshirt pull one of the fancy award plaques off the wall in the pool table and shove the entire thing down the back of her pants, cover it with her coat, and walk out. She didn’t get caught. ADP should probably expect a ransom note soon (or send a rescue team to Maine).”

The Deserters

  • “Spent most of the weekend in the library receiving drunken SnapChats from friends and crying.”
  • “I’ve learned that when you live in a suite with your friends it’s too damn easy to not go out.”
  • “Worked on papers all weekend, but I heard people outside having fun. Going out and being merry all seems like an illusion at this point, like it never really happened to me at all.”
  • “Saturday: Roommate’s parents visiting and the mother took a lengthy nap in her daughter’s bed. Sunday: Roommate and parents share halal, do laundry, go on dorm tours together.”

The Honorably Discharged

  • “Maybe it was late, maybe I’ve just lost my natural sense of right and wrong, but I watched a giant fat rat playing on the subway tracks and was more amused than disgusted.”
  • “Last night I left Butler for long enough to go to a birthday dinner and then 1020, where my friend managed to spill an entire beer DIRECTLY INTO MY BOOT. They’re short boots (so there’s a gap) but it was still maybe one of the unluckiest moments ever — none of the beer even got on the floor! It was so weirdly perfect but also terrible! Anyways I stayed at 1020 even with my beer foot and had a really long talk about daylight savings time with a friend of a friend before it occurred to me how boring we both were.”
  • “Nussbaum looks like a 1940s horror movie: “

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