1. an engineer  

    Pretty sure there are only four options available for this quiz. I feel the need to write a long anonymous comment about it.

  2. lol  

    i've play three time with vastly different answers and have received "king's college" each time...

  3. lolol  

    at how noco is under construction in this picture

  4. So biased  

    What if you care about America, you don't love it, and it's not your country?? What a flawed question! Some of us care about the future of this country but are not proud of its past or its current policies at all.

  5. the 60's

    Columbia was a hotbed of radicalism. Everywhere you looked, communists and hippies and protestors were trying to change the world. You'd have been right there with them. Maybe you'd have occupied Hamilton Hall in '68. Maybe you would've been beaten up by the cops. Who can say.

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