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How Well Do You Know Butler?

Even if you avoid Butler like the plague, you’ve probably spent a few hours in Columbia’s biggest library building. Do you even know the first thing about it? NO GOOGLING THE ANSWERS.

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How Will You Do On Your Finals?

Studying can be stressful when it seems like your fate is hanging in the balance. If you knew how well you were going to do on your tests, then you could stop studying and all would be right with the world. Find out your chances at passing your tests by taking this test:

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How #Blue Are You?

The critical question for any Columbia student: how #blue are you? Do you represent #OurBlue? We know you’re #dying to find out.

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Which Major Should You Avoid?

With the major declaration deadline for sophomores coming up on March 13, Bwog decided to help you out. Not with what you should major in. That’s a tricky question. But we can tell you what you should definitely not major in unless you want to be very unhappy. 1. What frightens you? a. The word “performativity.” b. […]

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